Advantages of using the MeteoSales tool

MeteoSales is a tool that has several advantages for you to reach your goal in sales conversion. This is possible from a number of essential methods that provide information about your target audience. With this information, the products of greatest relevance to the customer are recommended to meet their needs at that time. It is worth noting that these recommendations are provided based on the weather conditions in the user’s region.

The platform has a custom optimization engine that assembles the product recommendations. This shows the most likely ones to be chosen based on the specific weather conditions of each customer at that moment. One of the advantages of the MeteoSales tool is to design an A/B testing system that improves the recommendation algorithm with each user interaction. Our goal is to unite all your products, thus providing a carousel of recommendations. In this way, little by little, they become the specific products that each customer prefers in a given situation. That said, it prolongs the chance for your business to profit.

The main highlight of MeteoSales is the provision of specific information about your audience without the use of third-party cookies. This occurs exclusively because of the contextual factors of the customer. In this way, your company can have access to statistics that verify the momentary preferences of your consumer. Therefore, this will be fundamental to help develop your ads, making them even more effective and dynamic.

The control panel promoted by the platform provides features with complete analysis of essential data so that you can leverage your business in the best possible way. To take advantage of these features, the tool has a number of advantageous plans that are designed for all business models. If yours is growing, you can start a completely free demo. Another interesting point is the possibility to follow the expansion of your sales anywhere and anytime, at home through your computer, on the streets in front of your store, and on the move through your phone. We also work with customized solutions for your company.

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