Add value to your audience and earn LIFETIME commissions with MeteoSales

MeteoSales provides a dynamic weather-based selling solution that solves the problems of e-commerces, selling better, recommending products better and converting more.

Join us and earn LIFETIME commissions while you help e-commerces sell more.

Grow together with the leading weather-based selling platform

MeteoSalesā€™s Affiliate ProgramĀ offers LIFETIME commissions and other benefits to partners looking to monetize referrals.

Encourage companies to manage and automate their recommendation products, and earn a LIFETIME commission for all sales made via referred leads.

There is neither a minimum sales thresholdĀ nor a maximum limit for the commissions you can earn.

Easy to sign up and make referrals

Create your account and gain immediate full access to the affiliate dashboard, where you can find your unique affiliate URL for promotional purposes, and much more.

Earn commissions through recommendations

Leave the sales in our hands and earn a 25% LIFETIME commission of the monthly payment made by the referred customer.

Access support content

Once you sign up for MeteoSales's Affiliate Program, you may ask for, training sessions, and support materials.

For whom is MeteoSalesā€™s Affiliate Program suitable?

Small and medium-sized companies; Consulting firms, independent consultants, agencies, customers, influencers, integrators, and associations; Leading companies with an audience of small, medium, and large-sized companies; Companies that know MeteoSales’s platform and want to recommend it, but don’t have a dedicated sales team; People who produce qualified content for different channels, about: e-commerce, loggistics, sales optimization; technology and management; no code.

Do you fit into any of these categories?