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Privacy protection is our business model. That is why we comply with all privacy regulations. These include: GDPR, PECR, CCPA and more.

Data Always Encrypted

We do not store any personal information and collect minimal amounts of data to protect visitors' privacy.

We don't Memorize

MeteoSales never makes concessions or compromises privacy. Therefore we only use unique visitors.

EU-based Server

We are an EU-based company with servers located in the EU. We do everything we can to keep your data safe.

Own Your Data

Your data are your property. We will never sell them. You are in control of your data and can download or delete them at any time.




Google Analytics


Web site analysis and customized web events

Multi-touch attribution and Funnel analysis

Heatmaps analysis to see what part of the site your users are interested in and their clicks

Automated AI analysis, dynamic reporting, and anomaly detection

Customer Journey analysis from website and CRM data (including historical data)

Privacy-oriented analytics - GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliance + first-party cookies

With Replays records the users' session while using the website. It displays all mouse movements, keystrokes, clicks, and scrolling movements.

(only PRO plan)

(only PRO plan)

Modern and intuitive self-service user interface

Responsible for dedicated customer success



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