MeteoSales and INVRSION make the perfect Match for your e-commerce and Metaverse

MeteoSales and INVRSION are collaborating to bring the VR experience to the next level.

MeteoSales and INVRSION are collaborating to bring the e-commerce experience to the next level.

INVRSION is a Virtual Reality company. Its focus is to develop immersive real time rendering simulations for Retail, digitizing any kind of product and space, showrooms and more.
INVRSION is globally acknowledged for the unique level of realism and it patented to scale the production of 3D Commerce™ digital twins at an industrial level.

According to the Khronos Group, the 3D Commerce™ open standard will enhance by 40% the e-commerce conversions and will decrease product returns by 35%.

Following the logic of changing preferences based on weather conditions, MeteoSales offers a shopping experience through customized e-commerce platforms, always studying the weather of its customers region, and thus is able to collect data from this, so that it can provide specific and dynamic product recommendations to meet their needs and then analyze their interactions and preferences. The main highlight of MeteoSales is the provision of specific information about your audience without the use of third-party cookies.
Research has shown that atmospheric conditions really influence buying behaviors and can account for up to 40% of sales.
Based on situational & contextual data, MeteoSales has monitored the consequences of weather on consumer behavior over sales.

In relation to the problem that e-commerce sales fluctuate according to people’s behavior – that is affected by the weather-, MeteoSales solves the need for vendors to efficiently put the right product in front of the right client and implement a winning selling strategy.

Imagine combining 3D Commerce benefits and the influence on weather over sales to implement a virtual store or an e-commerce platform: products will be presented at their best and the recommendation system will go beyond the use of a simple cookie to drive the best e-commerce experience.

And what if this combination was possible also in Virtual Reality? How do you imagine the e-commerce of the future?

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