Non-use of third-party cookies by MeteoSales


Non-use of third-party cookies is becoming a common problem since Google’s announcement. The platform has spoken out warning everyone to look for alternative tracking solutions, since as of 2023 cookies will no longer exist. As Google provides us with more news about “removing support for third-party cookies” in Chrome, the death of these trackers is increasing present in the dialogue among Marketing professionals.

You may be wondering how you can prepare for a future non-use of third-party cookies. In short, find out right now what third-party cookies you use and plan to replace them with an alternative solution.

With that, MeteoSales can be considered an option for you to follow up on your business. The platform acts on the non-use of third-party cookies to personalize its customer’s shopping experience. MeteoSales‘ tracking method is unique. It will put all the Google-Analytics level statistics in your hands.

That way, across WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop and Magento platforms, MeteoSales provides an advanced dashboard with various tools. They allow you to track metrics based on weather conditions. 

So, after choosing the plug-in you want for your way of working, MeteoSales offers four types of subscription plans. Each plan suits from small to large companies. They have a number of advantages so that you can perform your conversion into sales in the best possible way.

Now, let’s talk more specifically about how we do not use third-party cookies and how we perform tracking. Through weather conditions, MeteoSales offers specific and dynamic product recommendations while removing cookies. According to the weather and temperature of some location in the world, ideal products are offered for those weather conditions. 

Then, the user’s interactions and preferences are analyzed. In this way, user data is collected, and so on, the most successful products will be prioritized to be recommended to the user.

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