Shopping experience fully customized to your needs

Following the logic of changing preferences based on weather conditions, MeteoSales offers a shopping experience through customized e-commerce platforms, always studying the weather of its customer’s region, and thus is able to collect data from this, so that it can provide specific and dynamic product recommendations to meet their needs and then analyze their interactions and preferences. In this way the most successful products are recommended to your target audience.

For this purpose, we provide a complete, climate-optimized dashboard with tracking metrics, including heat maps; real-time users; team management, among other essential tools that help convert your company’s products into sales. In addition, specific solutions are available according to each customer’s needs, all based on user data.

MeteoSales discards the use of third party cookies in order to recommend products to the customer. This is done by tracking user data that is collected based on the person’s preferences, which are conditioned by the weather conditions. In this way, the ideal product is recommended to him. This tracking is performed through momentary contextual factors of the user, studying the weather, his location, the time of day, temperature, etc.

In addition to analyzing user interactions and preferences, product recommendations are regularly optimized with the support of customer feedback data. In this way, consequently, when these same conditions are met, even better product recommendations will be suggested to your target audience. The company’s goal is always to prioritize the most successful products to be exposed at the right moment and at the right time to the customer.

In summary, the MeteoSales tool is intended to personalize the user’s shopping experience. With this, more specific and dynamic product recommendations are added, according to occasional customer factors. These factors can be summarized as time of day, location, weather and temperature, without the need to use third party cookies to obtain this information.

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