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How to add a website at MeteoSales

You have to decide some settings but it’s very very easy

So you click on add website then you just put the name of the website how username that you record your website let’s say Comcart the word out, for example, and here you have the two types of tracking so you have -the lightweight tracking that you don’t need authorization about the GDPR CCCPA etc okay because it’s fully compliant so you don’t need to ask to accept cookies or you have -the advanced version that you must ask about the cookies and but you have a lot of services you have track visitors you have a session replay you have monthly email reports etc when you decide the type of tracking you will have, that you want to use, just click submit: automatically the dashboard you create is this one

On this screen you can see the servers that are ready and working and you have the configuration of Meteosales but you need the last step you have to take the tracking code: copy this pixel and put on the header of the website.

If your website is WordPress it’s very easy just use any type of plugin that put codes on the headers and footers and just put on the head before the end of the head of your website so after that when you put the pixel there, save your website just click on verify installation and click on verify if this gives you the okay notice that means you had successfully a website in Meteosales !

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