The solution to sell more based on weather with WooCommerce


MeteoSales has a solution for you to sell more based on weather with WooCommerce, a free plugin. This provides numerous benefits to be enjoyed in your business. Thus, below, you will learn about these features and how they help you sell more on a based on weather with WooCommerce.

To enable you to sell more, MeteoSales provides dynamic weather-based product recommendations. Through the plugin, you can associate products, banners and CTA to specific weather conditions. Also, it provides automatic A/B Testing and dynamic product offering based on the local user’s weather. Moreover, the recommendation is powered by AI and machine learning.

The platform has the benefit of fully staying with the heavy lifting of writing, having access to all 10+ writing tools. With this, you write product descriptions, marketing emails, attractive captions for social media, etc. As well as providing support for over 50 languages.

MeteoSales grants a data and analytics dashboard for you to keep track of your business in detail. It shows you the best-selling products, clicks, page movement tracking and other important information. 

In addition, you have heat maps to achieve your goal of selling more. With it, you can see which part of the site your users are interested in by visualizing and analyzing their clicks using machine learning. You see this through click tracking, graphical heatmaps, and with mobile display.

It is also feasible to log your users’ session as they use your site. With this, you can see every mouse movement, keystroke, click, and scrolling movement. All this is made possible through track evidence, motion tracking, and recordings of clicks and pauses.

Want to track uptime on your website? You can too! Available for WooCommerce, MeteoSales provides monitor, stats report, status page and more for your business.

Download the plugin and discover the solution to sell more based on weather with WooCommerce!

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