How weather conditions impact consumer behavior

Your audience’s product preferences change according to many factors, but mainly weather conditions. Weather has a direct and decisive impact on consumer behavior. There are colors, textures and models of that specific product for cases of hot or cold, rainy or sunny days.

In short, weather affects consumer behavior for three reasons: Emotional state; Choosing the product/service you are going to buy and choosing the method of purchase. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind, so that you can offer your products and services at the right time.

Moreover, a person is looking for the product with the aim of satisfying his needs, and when he can find something that suits his context, his purchase intentions are high. This is how your company will profit.

While time has the power to cause changes in consumer behavior, it is important to note that this depends on where the customer is in identifying their needs. Understanding the relationship between time and behavior helps you identify the needs and wants of your audience. In this way, it helps you develop more effective and dynamic marketing campaigns.

It is also possible to say that the temperature, weather, sun or rain in a particular region can account for up to 40% of your business sales. Thus, you can make recommendations of ideal products for the climate of this user region. From the collection of weather data, it is possible to customize campaigns based on the contextual factor of the person. With this, you can promise that your ads gain relevance and meet the needs of your customers.

For this, MeteoSales provides a customized e-commerce platform. It features optimized solutions, being the recommendation of specific and dynamic products, focusing on the contextual factors of your audience. We offer all this without using third-party cookies to personalize the shopping experience. MeteoSales collects user data based on weather conditions.

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