Weather-based Marketing: Everything you need to know

weather-based marketing

Marketing is that which is able to create and deliver value to satisfy the needs and wants of a consuming market. It is an activity that seeks to offer products or services that arouse the public’s interest. Thus, Marketing manages to generate value for customers and also profit for companies. It is at this point that we will punctuate Weather-based Marketing, a protagonist factor in this area. This strategy offers products based on the weather and climate conditions. The weather always significantly influences someone’s purchasing decisions.

The advantages of diving into the Weather-Based Marketing segment is being able to produce personalized content. This strategy has benefits of taking advantage of favorable conditions and managing unfavorable conditions to significantly increase sales. 

In addition to being able to anticipate and manage the beginning and end of seasons, for typically seasonal products. It can also reduce damage and inventory. Also, it can optimize supply chain management and increase service level and customer satisfaction.

Thus, an analysis of consumer buying behavior can be done. We have analyzed that high or low temperatures have a great impact on consumer buying behavior.

As a result, several studies have shown that traffic inside stores increases significantly during the summer. In other words, this can be a great indicator for brands to plan major launches, maximizing traffic and conversion results.

Another point that should be taken into consideration is that SEO is also fully influenced by seasonality. Therefore, users’ searches on Google are not always the same and are not constant throughout the year. In some periods and in certain months, many searches tend to increase or decrease. Visits to some products can therefore increase or decrease according to the season or time of year.

In this way, the effects are nevertheless extremely important from an economic point of view. In any case, this strategy largely deserves the investments required by the weather conditions.

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